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awesome faceLet me sleep. Let me sleep. Let me sleep.
A sleep journal that helps you get better sleep
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What matters most for a majority of people when it comes to sleep is their daily habits and activities. Spindol helps extend beyond your average sleep tracker with useful, actionable insights
How it Works
Step 1 - Connect Tracker


Connect your favorite sleep tracker

No need to get a new sleep tracker, use the one you already own. We currently support Oura, Withings. With support for Fitbit, Whoop and Apple Healthkit coming soon.
Step 2 - Track your sleep nightly


We track your sleep nightly

Every night, we automatically take in your sleep tracker data. No need to manually import any sleep data.
Step 3 - Analyze your Data


Then we analyze the data for you

We utilize your activities, mood and sleep data to crunch the numbers on how your habits impact you.
Step 4 - Provide insights and repeat


Finally, we provide you insight and repeat the process.

With new insights, comes personal improvements. Keep utilizing Spindol to keep a pulse on your mood, habits and sleep.
Spindol is like having a Data Scientist, Sleep Therapist, and Diary all in one.
Data Scientist
Sleep Therapist
Sleep Diary
One place foreverything sleep

Get better at waking up and getting to bed on time

We track when you wake up and fall asleep so we can help guide you to reaching your goals.
Sleep-Wake Time Module
Mood-Tags Module

Understand what makes you happy and improve your sleep

Our daily activities and routines can have significant impact on our sleep and our moods. We’ll help you discover which work and which don’t!

Find out what your ideal amount of sleep is

We’ve all heard 8 hours of sleep is best, but depending on who you are that might be different. We’ll hone in on your optimal sleep time.
Ideal sleep module
Sleep is important and it’s very personal. We want to make sure people find what works best for them – Let's get you better sleep.